Our executive coaching is targeted as a collaborative partnership among an upper level executive and the executive coach. The coaching takes place within the context of your organizational strategy, objectives, and mandates. We work across the global marketplace with managers and executives from small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations and non-profits.


If you aim to be a successful leader in your organization, it is essential to possess the skills that allow you to be adaptive and agile in today’s changing business environments. Our leadership development coaching can be done with groups and individuals including those leading digital transformation and innovation across varied departments within their organizations.


ECC offers Individual coaching for executives either new to sustainability or having challenges engaging their functional peers, top leadership, and/or employees with a people-planet-profit mindset. Our executive coaching can systematically guide clients in incorporating sustainability into the core of their strategies, culture, actions, and outcomes so that leadership aligns with and supports enterprise sustainability at all levels.


Whether you’re a first time business owner, a couple with a business plan and a dream, an executive looking to diversify your income stream or an established family business with questions on succession planning, we customize our entrepreneurship coaching to meet your goals with measurable results.